In response to a query raised in the Parliament, the Union Law and Justice Minister answered that installation of justice clocks comes within the domain of the High Court. But what is this justice clock? What does it do? Let’s find out. 

Justice clock is essentially an LED display board. It shows show the daily rate of disposal of cases, the number of pending cases and the individual rank of each of these courts. These clocks are to be installed in each of the 24 High Courts in the country.  

The first clock was installed in the office of Department of Justice in Delhi and it shows the data relating to the District Courts, as well as the top three district courts in terms of rate of disposal of pending cases.  A justice clock has also been installed at the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court, and at Chhattisgarh High Court. The idea for Justice Clock was floated by the Prime Minister in his speech at the Law Day event in 2017.  

The purpose of Justice Clock is perhaps to spur disposal rates within the district courts. There are also valid doubts if this will cause speedy justice trumping quality justice. Nonetheless, justice clocks are important ways of gathering judicial data, which can be used to analyse and provide workable solution for the large number of pending cases.  

As per the Minister’s reply in Parliament, “To augment the resources of the High Courts and State Governments in this regard, the Central Government has submitted a proposal to Fifteenth Finance Commission for award of Rs. 435.50 crore for installation of Justice Clocks in 3,350 court complexes during the years (2020-2025).”

By the National Judicial Data Grid, litigants can now know in real-time about the pendency of cases in each court. However, there is no clarity about live streaming of proceedings, despite the judgment allowing the same has been there for a year. Surely, the litigants would want to witness live proceedings, and live streaming should be given priority. With the world cup on, who wants to just look at a scoreboard, when one can view the complete match, live! 



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