Should persons occupying high public offices be careful about what they say? Yes. Is the “high public office” limited to Ministers and MP/MLAs or also people in the bureaucracy and judiciary? Should not be so.


The Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court is examining whether the right of free speech can be restricted for persons occupying high public offices. The case arose after the then Minister in Uttar Pradesh government Azam Khan had commented on a rape case.



In response to a query raised in the Parliament, the Union Law and Justice Minister answered that installation of justice clocks comes within the domain of the High Court. But what is this justice clock? What does it do? Let’s find out. 

Justice clock is essentially an LED display board. It shows show the daily rate of disposal of cases, the number of pending cases and the individual rank of each of these courts. These clocks are to be installed in each of the 24 High Courts in the...

Does India have enough courtrooms, if it achieves the sanctioned strength of judges? No. 

Are we going to have enough court halls soon? No. 

Is there an impetus on having more judges in the lower judiciary? Yes.

Where will these judges sit? No one knows.  

In the first week of January 2019, the Apex Court witnessed a PIL with respect to the creation of a High Court for Andhra Pradesh. Eventually, dismissed as withdrawn, the PIL had contended that there was no...

 The CBI case has seen recusal of three judges in quick succession. First, Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi recused on the ground that he will be a part of the committee that will select the next CBI chief. The matter next came up before Justice AK Sikri, who is the second senior-most judge in the Supreme Court, but he also recused. Earlier, it was Justice AK Sikri who was part of the panel that decided the fate of the then CBI Chief Alok Verma.  Thereafter, it had come to light...


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