Mr. Kovind is a lawyer by qualification and was an Advocate of Record in the Supreme Court of India, which itself puts him in a select class of lawyers. Ram Nath Kovind also has the experience of being an MP, as well was the Governor of Bihar, a position from which he resigned after his nomination for President. The Prime Minister himself has called Mr. Kovind’s legal career as illustrious, and hence we look at few of the cases of which our could be first citizen was a part.

A quick search on legal databases confirm Mr. Kovind’s diverse practice but give little idea as to its volume. Advocate Kovind dealt with a Service Matter before a two-judge bench of the Supreme Court in 1992.Judgments in his two cases pertaining to Rent Control and Service Law before three judge Benches were delivered in 1995. Mr. Kovind also assisted the Constitution Bench of five judges of the Supreme Court, which dealt with the issue of land acquisition in 1994.

The oldest case involving our could be President that could be found pertains to the year 1987, wherein Advocate Kovind dealt with an issue of Arbitration Law before the Delhi High Court.

It was in 1977 that Mr. Kovindwas registered as an Advocate on Record. Forty years later, he will be all set to administer oath to the next Chief Justice of India.



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