We all use maps on our phones. For that, we switch on the location feature and set it to high accuracy for better results. All of this works on GPS (Global Position System). GPS is used worldwide but owned by the United States Government. GPS has remained the only positioning system for long, but the situation is set to change. India has developed its system and has called it NavIC. Initialised in 2018, NavIC has quickly gained international recognition and may well be present in new phones being launched this year. But India is not alone. Apart from GPS of USA, GLONASS of Russia, GALILEO of European Union, and BeiDou of China have been adopted internationally.

In a reply in Lok Sabha, the Government has informed that “as a service provider of NavIC, ISRO is working for the finalisation of NavIC parameters through TSDSI (Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India) and would successfully include NavIC in the upcoming 16th release of 3GPP expected to be in vogue from mid-2020.”

NavIC has huge potential. Like GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU/GALILEO, it will be free. “ISRO is providing technical consultancy to the prospective Indian industry capable of manufacturing chipsets and devices for using NavIC signals. Adopting NavIC in all the location based solutions will reduce dependence on foreign system and devices. Also, as a spin off development, NavIC system is used in Safety of Life for fishermen by disseminating disaster warning alerts through NavIC broadcast messaging system in remote locations (high sea) where there is no communication connectivity. The above applications using indigenously developed system will enhance the socio-economic status of our country” says the Government.



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