Black Warrant: Confessions of a Tihar Jailer is an eye-opener. It is the story of Mr. Sunil Gupta, a frail-looking oddity at Tihar Jail, and how he fights many battles to finish a blameless service. Starting from him leaving a secure but transferable job, to landing a job at Tihar, journalist Sunetra Chaudhary has conveyed the story dispassionately. 


The book breaks the myth of Tihar being a secure jail. While Behind Bars was a bit restrained, Black Warrant reveals it all. It highlights how gundas rule the roost at Tihar, and how money can get you anything. 


The story of Charles Sobhraj, Manu Sharma, Afzal Guru, and Subrata Sahara are all described vividly. It presents a very relatable and perhaps understanding picture of convicts, from the eyes of a jailer. The corruption in our prison as well as the justice delivery system is prominently highlighted. 


The book is a must-read for anyone who is interested in knowing anything about jails in India. I also hope that some serving Supreme Court or High Court Judge gives it a read, and perhaps punish those who have created the rot that Tihar is. 



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