I am stuck in a problem, can you help me please? 

These were the exact words Sumit claimed to have heard  at the time of incident, with respect to which  he  met Gaurav at his Express Towers Office in Mumbai. 

It was July 27 2018. The heavens had opened up and it was pouring heavily in the maximum city. Sumit, as usual, was driving his BMW from work, to his lovely wife Priyanka, who was waiting at their Malabar Hill home. While he was on the Netaji Subhash Chandra...

Mohan Jain, aged 30 years, S/o Late Chandu Lal Jain and Rohan Jain, aged 35 years S/o Girish Lal Jain are two cousins. Mohan is trustee of Chandu Lal Trust whereas Rohan is Trustee of Girish Lal Trust. Chandu Lal Trust and Girish Lal Trust are equal shareholders (49:49) in Tapori Magazine Co. Pvt. Ltd, (the Company) a magazine company based out of Lucknow. The remaining one percent of shares are with Neera Jain, who is a 70 year old mother of Chandu Lal Jain and Late Girish Lal Jain. Mrs. Neera...


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