The Hall of Nations in Pragati Maidan in New Delhi is an iconic building. It’s been called an architectural wonder and was one of the two buildings showcased by India in the World Buildings Exhibition. However, off late, it was realized that the Hall of Nations is situated on land that is in crores, and a more viable, bigger and a greener building needs to be constructed at its place.

In fact, the Government notified a Committee to look into the reorganisation and renovation of whole Pragati Maidan Complex. The Committee gave its report in 2018, and recommended for demolition of The Hall of Nations along with several other buildings.

As the news of the impending demolition came out, Mr. Taporiwala, who was the renowned Iranian architect and had designed the The Hall of Nations demanded that the building be preserved and the demolition be stopped. Mr. Taporiwala came to you, asking the following questions-

*1. Can an Iranian national file a Writ Petition before the Courts in India?

  1. Which Courts are competent to hear the Writ matters in Delhi?
  2. Does the price of the land determines the Court to which Mr. Taporiwala must make a plea?

*4. Does Mr. Taporiwala have any copyright on the building?

Subsequently, Mr. Taporiwala proceeded onwards to visit his distant relatives in Patna. There, he was apprehended by the Police while he was opening a whiskey bottle in his Toyota Camry. Mr. Taporiwala called you and said that it was the middle of the night, his car was parked next to the highway, the lights were off, and the traffic was very mild. He also said that he did not drink and drive, but the police arrested him because there was prohibition in the State, which he was unaware of? He now also has the following questions-

  1. Can he be booked for violating prohibition even as he did not consume any alcohol?
  2. Can his car be considered to be a private space, and hence he escapes liability as the law is with respect to public places only?*

7. Can him being a foreign national and not knowing the State law be a valid defence?



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