Beta, a subsidiary of Alpha after spending years and billions of dollars, engineered a knee replacement device. The device used metal in both the ball and the socket. It became an instant hit amongst the doctors, who extensively used it in the US as well as all across the world. The device was cheaper in the US, and its prices were more in the developing countries, including India. Also, the device was initially used in developed countries and later on introduced to developing countries...

I am stuck in a problem, can you help me please? 

These were the exact words Sumit claimed to have heard  at the time of incident, with respect to which  he  met Gaurav at his Express Towers Office in Mumbai. 

It was July 27 2018. The heavens had opened up and it was pouring heavily in the maximum city. Sumit, as usual, was driving his BMW from work, to his lovely wife Priyanka, who was waiting at their Malabar Hill home. While he was on the Netaji Subhash Chandra...


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