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Wednesday, 04 July 2018
Thumbnail     “The animals should not be made to walk more than 2 hours at a stretch.” The Uttrakhand High Court today declared the fauna in Uttrakhand to be a distinct legal entity. In addition, the citizens in Uttrakhand are “declared persons in loco...
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Gaurav Pathak is a lawyer practising in Delhi. He specialises in dispute resolution with a special insight into arbitration and mediation. Qualified to practice anywhere in India, he has been associated with landmark cases that have shaped cyber law jurisprudence globally. His efforts with respect to Election Laws have brought a paradigm shift contributing to a more participatory democracy.
Firmly on the side of justice, Gaurav is also working on a project on the release of undertrials from different jails in India. A regular invitee to law schools to judge mediation, client counselling and moot court competitions, he writes opinions and reports on different issues of law and governance.

Gaurav Pathak Delhi Advocate

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